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05 Dec 2022
--- US-based researchers have found that pomegranate extract (PE) can improve biophysical properties of the skin, including the reduction of facial sebum production and transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Additionally, smoothening... Read More
01 Dec 2022
--- While fragrances are known to trigger particular olfactory memories and emotions, an untapped field in perfumery is intentionally crafting a scent experience to enhance mental states. Pioneering research in this space,... Read More
28 Nov 2022
--- DefenAge Skincare has unveiled its Defensin Master Anti-Aging Patent issued by the US Patent Office. Seven years in the making, the patent recognizes DefenAge’s cell-stimulating compositions and methods designed to... Read More
24 Nov 2022
--- Due to their antioxidant properties, certain vitamin derivatives have been synthesized for inclusion in many cosmetics, which have led to increasing incidences of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) cases, according to new... Read More
24 Nov 2022
--- A Japan-based research collaboration between Kirin Holdings, FANCL and Keio University has resulted in an enhanced cleansing agent developer utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and molecular simulation technologies. This... Read More
22 Nov 2022
--- Indonesia-based researchers reveal that pasteurized etawah caprine milk soap remains positive for the skin over differing temperatures and lasts up to six months in storage. The milk contains bioactive peptides that can be... Read More
17 Nov 2022
--- At this year’s annual conference of the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA), key personal care and cosmetics representatives gathered to discuss the achievements and challenges in... Read More
15 Nov 2022
--- Perfect Corp.’s latest global beauty trend report evidences that artificial intelligence (AI) skin technology is a precise, cost-effective consultation solution for the dermatology and medical spa industries. Based on... Read More
14 Nov 2022
--- Malaysia-based researchers have found that carrageenans may have a potential photoprotective effect against ultraviolet B (UVB) in keratinocytes – a cell type found in the epidermis. This effect may be due to... Read More
11 Nov 2022
--- Adding lotion to newborn skincare regimen after washing can “positively affect the microbiome” compared to just washing the baby according to researchers at Johnson & Johnson (J&J). The company’s... Read More
10 Nov 2022
--- Shiseido is creating a lip care method using findings from its lip stratum corneum examination. The company discovered – in addition to the dermatological and skincare viewpoints – a care approach from the... Read More
10 Nov 2022
--- Amorepacific’s research and innovation center has found that threonine, an essential amino acid that can improve longevity and healthy life expectancy, can be leveraged through dietary restriction. The company is set... Read More
08 Nov 2022
--- Women are more likely than men to see diet as crucial to skin health, according to research from Lycored. It also highlights how men and women have different skincare requirements. The findings revealed that 39% of women,... Read More
04 Nov 2022
--- UK-based researchers may have found an answer to improve personalized approaches in skincare using interactive gene networks and cellular responses to ultraviolet rays (UVR) and oxidative stress.The research highlights that... Read More
02 Nov 2022
--- Japan-based research findings may aid in the development of anti-aging skin treatments by preventing age-related changes in aging cells via the regulation of secreted frizzled-related protein 4 (SFRP4) expression.The study... Read More
02 Nov 2022
--- Chinese researchers have used artificial intelligence (AI) to predict compounds that could neutralize reactive oxygen species that cause balding in the scalp. Animal tests were carried out on mice which proved to be... Read More
01 Nov 2022
--- Galactomyces ferment filtrate (GFF) is a functional ingredient that has been found to prevent dry skin and can improve the efficacy of skincare products in a Japanese study. Based on a review of advances in skin biology, the... Read More
31 Oct 2022
--- The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) is challenging the findings of a recent National Cancer Institute (NCI) study on the association between using chemical hair straighteners and uterine cancer. CTPA... Read More
27 Oct 2022
--- A France-based study on 1,200 consumers has found key differences between Gen Y and Gen Z values that drive “brand love” while also unveiling a ranking of the top brands based on preferences under the hygiene,... Read More
19 Oct 2022
--- On World Menopause Day, Vichy Laboratoires unveiled dermatologist-certified Neovadiol Meno 5 Serum – the first available product in a line developed for peri- and post-menopausal skin. The product has been formulated... Read More