In demand: conscious cosmetics packaging solutions

May 2023

The growing cosmetics market has led to many packaging solutions. The rigid tube is the leading packaging type, while the squeezable tube is witnessing an 86% average annual growth (Global, CAGR 2018 to 2022). With consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, there is also a growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions. Bio-based or plant-based packaging, carbon labeling and Green Dot Certified are among the fastest-growing environmental filters.


Sephora Care Better Rouge Satin Lipstick: 09 Spicy Hibiscus (France)

  • It comes in a 3 g plastic tube rigid. 
  • This lipstick contains a minimum of 90% natural origin. 
  • Vegan formula. Does not contain ingredients of animal origin. 
  • Made with 30% recycled plastic.