Who is Personal Care Insights?

Personal Care Insights is the go-to source for news about personal care and cosmetics, providing a vast range of detailed personal care articles, scientific cosmetic ingredients articles, as well as skin health and cosmetics research articles.

We cover key areas in the personal care and cosmetics sector, such as:

Clean Beauty

An important focus of the editorial agenda is the clean beauty trend, encompassing ingredient naturality, transparency in the supply chain and all - around ethical practices. We follow and inform on all the latest developments in the trending clean and ethical beauty segment.


With the ingestible beauty trend accelerating fast, we closely monitor nutricosmetics products and ingredients that act as nutritional supplements to care for the skin, nails and hair. Beauty-from-within formulations and NPD are acting from the inside out and may even work synergistically with topical applications.

Digital Beauty and Technology

Digital beauty products and advanced cosmetics technology are gaining ground as the industry is looking to innovate beyond the conventional. From interactive apps that allow consumers to test makeup and hair colors to skin analysis systems, we report on the latest in this promising space.

Skin Microbiome

From gut to skin, interest in the microbiome is a cross-industry megatrend, with continuous research on the matter coming forth. We follow and report on skin microbiome research, ingredients and technology.

Sustainability and Circular Beauty

A vital trend permeating the cosmetics arena is the sustainability of ingredients and cosmetic packaging. We keep up to date with the fast pace of sustainability debates and all the moves major industry players are making to reflect the eco-friendly sentiment that consumers and industry share. This includes the development of innovative materials, government initiatives, global campaigns and relevant business news.

About CNS Media

At CNS Media we supply information to the global food, nutrition, personal care and packaging industries through our publication, The World of Food Ingredients , and our digital platforms, www.FoodIngredientsFirst.com, www.NutritionInsight.com, www.PackagingInsights.com and www.PersonalCareInsights.com. We are the industry source for news, analysis and insights into these diverse sectors. Key topics of focus include business news, ingredient and product launches, research and development and applications. We are the experts in food design trends, nutrition advances, personal care and packaging innovations.