ethical cosmetics

17 May 2024
--- A group of TikTokers, including a skin care brand founder, is suing the US government over a new law that could ban the social media platform if its China-based parent company, ByteDance, does not sell its stakes within a... Read More
14 May 2024
--- Environmental groups are uniting against anti-science sentiments and promoting a sustainable future less than a month before the European elections. The European Environmental Bureau (EEB), celebrating its 50th anniversary,... Read More
14 May 2024
--- Kering joins the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School to conduct a three-year research study, examining climate change impacts alongside corporate transition strategies in the Asia-Pacific region. The... Read More
10 May 2024
--- Advancements combining natural solutions with nanotechnology are driving research for improved delivery of active ingredients and stable product formulations. Three new papers present nanoemulsions: One looks at anti-aging... Read More
09 May 2024
--- In one year, luxury skin care brand Clé de Peau Beauté and UNICEF have surpassed half of their three-year goal to empower 5.7 million girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The organizations... Read More
02 May 2024
--- The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) calls for the UK government to publish a dedicated UK Non-Animal New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) strategy. The organization aims to support the personal care industry... Read More
02 May 2024
--- New research highlights efficacious, eco-friendly switches for commonly used synthetic cosmetic ingredients. Demonstrated in three skin care products crafted using an “eco-design” approach, the ingredients are... Read More
01 May 2024
--- The Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA) is proposing three measures relating to manufacturing and packaging standards and streamlining regulations in the cosmetics sector in response to the French government’s call... Read More
26 Apr 2024
--- BASF and Swedish energy provider Vattenfall settle the sale of 49% of Vattenfall’s Nordlicht 1 and 2 wind farms to BASF, which will use the secured share of electricity to supply its chemical production sites in... Read More
25 Apr 2024
--- Active Concepts launches “film-forming pineapple biopolymer” AC Pina Colloida for skin protection amid rising global temperatures. According to the supplier, the effects of climate change go “beyond... Read More
24 Apr 2024
--- Cosmetics and fragrance industry members welcome the EU Parliament’s (EP) vote to revise the Regulation on the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) of chemicals. Sector representatives, Cosmetics Europe and... Read More
24 Apr 2024
--- Checkerspot harnesses biotechnology to produce non-genetically engineered (GE) high-oleic acid algae oil. The Certified B Corporation’s achievement is highlighted in the journal International News on Fats, Oils and... Read More
22 Apr 2024
--- EcoWaste Coalition flags skin-lightening products (SLPs) containing mercury following a series of test buys conducted this month in Pasay City, the Philippines. The coalition uncovered the illegal sale of imported SLPs with... Read More
22 Apr 2024
--- Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients extends its portfolio of product-protective beauty ingredients with Savelite HB, a multifunctional hydroxypropolyester made using “green chemistry” in an entirely new “single... Read More
22 Apr 2024
--- Kao Corporation highlights its latest advances in green functional beauty formulation extracts, sustainable packaging and finished personal care products. Personal Care Insights caught up with the Japanese chemicals... Read More
18 Apr 2024
--- At this year’s In-cosmetics Global trade show in Paris, France, companies are showcasing their innovative responses to consumer demands for sustainable and natural alternatives to petrochemical and plastic-based... Read More
17 Apr 2024
--- Ashland is exhibiting on the show floor of In-cosmetics Global industry fair (April 16–18) in Paris, France, and showcasing its newly unveiled range of beauty additives, which responds to global... Read More
16 Apr 2024
--- Biochemistry advancements are greening up cosmetic formulators’ toolkits with circular and less environmentally intensive beauty solutions. In this category, suppliers introduce upcycled olfactory ingredients with... Read More
12 Apr 2024
--- BGG, a leading Chinese branded ingredient supplier, has revealed plans to create a new global headquarters in Switzerland as a launchpad for international expansion. Operating as BGG World, the company intends to diversify... Read More
09 Apr 2024
--- Petrochemicals have long been used in cosmetic products but these ingredients are increasingly called into question by consumers and government regulators who are concerned about their potentially harmful effects on skin and... Read More