ethical cosmetics

26 Feb 2024
--- We explore the ocean for cosmetic ingredients with Active Concepts and Marinova. In this first of a two-part series, Personal Care Insights learns about seaweed and algae benefits, sustainable sourcing, extraction challenges... Read More
20 Feb 2024
--- The European Parliament (EP) has released its guidelines for businesses looking to comply with the new Directive on Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition (ECGT), which it approved last month. Member states are now... Read More
19 Feb 2024
--- With the rise of personalized beauty technology and Web3 opportunities, legal issues may pose a challenge for personal care companies. From privacy concerns to legal disputes, Duane Morris sheds light on threats and offers... Read More
16 Feb 2024
--- AKK (AarhusKarlshamn) is presenting its latest readily biodegradable and natural-based personal care ingredient. The oils and fats provider uses shea kernels sourced from West Africa to create Lipex SheaLuxe TR. Elena... Read More
14 Feb 2024
--- Giflor is unveiling a multicolor flip-top closure system for the cosmetic and personal care packaging market. The new “Ring” closure, which has a design patent and an innovation patent, contains a circular-shaped... Read More
12 Feb 2024
--- L’Oréal has reported a third consecutive year of double-digit growth and another year of market outperformance as the company achieved further improvement in its operating margin in 2023. The French personal... Read More
08 Feb 2024
--- The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) once again recognizes major companies in the personal care, beauty and hygiene sectors for their environmental sustainability efforts.Beiersdorf, Kao and L’Oréal scored an A... Read More
06 Feb 2024
--- The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is taking steps to reduce the use of animal testing for chemical safety assessments. As a participant in a new consortium, BASF is responsible for assessing New Approach Methodologies... Read More
24 Jan 2024
--- Unilever says its Axe deodorant brand (Lynx in the UK) is the latest to win approval from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization and will join its Beauty Without Bunnies program. The FMCG giant... Read More
22 Jan 2024
--- Producer of personal care and cosmetics, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) collaborates with NGO Bellona in a seaweed forest restoration project to restore Norway’s marine biodiversity and combat climate... Read More
11 Jan 2024
--- Sia Partners presents the top 2023 cosmetic trends expected to carry over this year. The consulting firm points out that, following the early-2020s economic downturn, the cosmetics industry regained its leadership position... Read More
10 Jan 2024
--- Chile becomes the fourth country in LATAM to ban animal testing and trade, while Canada’s ban officially becomes law. The Chilean Senate, chaired by Juan Antonio Coloma, votes unanimously to ban cosmetic animal testing... Read More
21 Dec 2023
--- Clean Beauty Collective, Starco Brands and Symrise celebrate making waves with their contributions to the perfume sector. From innovative clean fragrance technology to achieving milestones in sales and receiving prestigious... Read More
21 Dec 2023
--- Yellow Wood Partners exclusively discusses deals, strategies and upcoming trends with Personal Care Insights. The Boston-based private equity firm recently acquired more Unilever brands, including Q-Tips and Pond’s... Read More
20 Dec 2023
--- The growing need for sustainable palm oil is creating certification prospects for downstream players. However, the EU’s deforestation regulation may intensify the scrutiny of uncertified palm oil blended with certified... Read More
18 Dec 2023
--- Innovations with an eye to sustainability dominated 2023, with companies creating cleaner laundry sheets, eco-friendly detergent solutions and refillable deodorant packaging. Skin care was boosted by ground-breaking research... Read More
12 Dec 2023
--- With the digitalization of skin diagnosis and beauty advice, the limits of AI’s objectivity are in question. According to recent research by Haut.AI and Novigo, AI bias in cosmetic skin care can emerge across various... Read More
12 Dec 2023
--- Biosurfactants, marine surfactants and marine-derived microbes are at the cutting edge of cosmetic formulation. Personal Care Insights learns more from Sasol Chemicals and two scientific studies published in MDPI and... Read More
08 Dec 2023
--- This week, acne sticker brand Starface joined Glossier in a pink Glossier-themed launch and Faber-Castell Cosmetics rolled out eco-friendly makeup pencils featuring biodegradable caps. At Art Basel, German beauty brand Babor... Read More
07 Dec 2023
--- Maritime nations meeting at COP28 in Dubai find “economic opportunity” in problematic sargassum, a brown seaweed that spreads rapidly, choking out coastal species while emitting harmful greenhouse gasses once it... Read More