Personal care industry review: Top read in 2023

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Personal care review: Most read stories 2023
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Private-label brands are responding to the consumer demand for trending categories such as 100% natural, plant-origin ingredients, vegan and cruelty-free. This was evident at the PLMA 2023 trade show hosted at the RAI in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The show floor teemed with launches in the clean and green beauty, cosmetics and household care categories.
The personal care and beauty industry is moving toward a more environmentally sustainable future as this year’s In-Cosmetics Global, held in Barcelona, Spain, provided a hub for the latest innovations for green beauty, biotechnologies and upcycling solutions. Exhibitors laid out their best ingredients while fusing sustainability with excitement, art and creativity,...View More
In 2022, the industry experienced booming advancements toward natural and digital solutions through new partnerships, upcycled food waste and microbiome-friendly research. Also, the threat of climate change and harmful chemicals propelled regulatory shakeups and bio-based innovation. Moreover, growing consumer demand for transparency signaled a need for businesses to meet...View More
London Packaging Week brought the UK packaging industry together to feast on the latest designs in luxury packaging for cosmetics, personal care and premium F&B markets. The balance between premium shelf appeal and increased environmental sustainability was a key theme at the event. We look back at some of the show’s standout solutions pushing the boundaries of...View More