active ingredients

05 Jul 2024
--- Chemicals supplier Syensqo and Allozymes, a Singaporean enzyme engineering start-up, sign a Memorandum of Understanding to develop home and personal care biosolutions. The partners will leverage enzymes to deliver... Read More
04 Jul 2024
--- Vertically integrated biotech company Debut inks a deal with L’Oréal to develop more than a dozen “vital and bio-identical” ingredients that will replace conventionally sourced ingredients currently... Read More
02 Jul 2024
--- June saw countries worldwide take action against PFAS chemicals. The French senate approved a proposed ban on cosmetics; the Danish Parliament allocated DKK404 million (US$59 million) for a national action plan to prevent,... Read More
01 Jul 2024
--- The US beauty sector sees a significant shift with the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA), marking the “most significant expansion of the FDA’s authority to regulate cosmetics since the... Read More
28 Jun 2024
--- In industry news this week, Lotus Herbals launched a US$50 million fund for Indian cosmetics start-ups, Simone Biles partnered with K18 in a biotech hair care campaign and CeraVe addressed teen skin care concerns.
26 Jun 2024
--- The Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) introduces its Certificate Program, aimed at enhancing education in cosmetic science. The initiative seeks to offer an in-depth exploration of select subjects through courses, blending... Read More
25 Jun 2024
--- With consumer interest in natural ingredients rising, Personal Care Insights spotlights botanical innovations from Givaudan Active Beauty and Ashland plus a study of Orpheus flower’s cosmetic applications. We look at... Read More
24 Jun 2024
--- Recent developments in microneedling reveal its effectiveness on the skin. One study supports the safety and efficacy of combining antioxidants applied through sonophoresis and microneedle mesotherapy. The other offers... Read More
21 Jun 2024
--- Tate & Lyle seeks to expand in the lucrative plant-based and clean ingredients space with its plan to buy CP Kelco in a deal worth US$1.8 billion. The move aims to create a global specialty food and beverage solutions... Read More
18 Jun 2024
--- Biodegradability remains a critical aspect in measuring an ingredient’s environmental impact. The latest innovation highlights include advances in vegan silk protein, fermented ingredients from “unexpected places... Read More
13 Jun 2024
--- Engineers at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, US, create a device they hope will help with skin conditions such as psoriasis, wounds and skin cancer. The “living bioelectronic” patch merges electronics with... Read More
13 Jun 2024
--- L’Oréal is recruiting beauty companies for its Big Bang Startup Fostering Program, which targets digital and research innovation. The program was initially launched four years ago in China and has since extended... Read More
12 Jun 2024
--- Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Silybidiol as “the first” globally compliant alternative to CBD (cannabidiol) molecule designed to combat the adverse effects of urban photo pollution and promote skin health. The... Read More
11 Jun 2024
--- Two studies in Cosmetics examine olive plant extracts for cosmetic applications. One shows the efficacy of olive extract combined with Spirulina sp. for reducing oxidative stress caused by solar radiation and pollution. The... Read More
04 Jun 2024
--- With more consumers demanding beauty products, including supplements that also promote holistic health, Personal Care Insights speaks to Lycored about its tomato skin care innovations. We also look at three research studies... Read More
03 Jun 2024
--- May saw scores of personal care and beauty companies from France support government efforts to slash bureaucracy and streamline efforts in manufacturing and packaging. In California, a US congresswoman introduced the... Read More
29 May 2024
--- Johnson & Johnson signs a definitive agreement with Numab Therapeutics to acquire the rights to a clinical-stage bispecific antibody that could address patient needs in atopic dermatitis (AD). The all-cash transaction is... Read More
28 May 2024
--- The beauty industry continues to answer the call for more plant-based, sustainable beauty solutions. Whether it’s a company directive or responding to heightened consumer demand to turn more toward plants, the market... Read More
27 May 2024
--- With precision fermentation increasingly used for sustainably producing cosmetic ingredients, Personal Care Insights sits down with Bob Jacobs, president of Hydrosome Labs, to explore the technology behind their ultrafine... Read More
24 May 2024
--- In industry news this week, Cellugy raised funds to scale its ingredients that replace petrochemicals, Innersense Organic Beauty launched Color Purity and NuLiv Science released a study on Verbasnol for treating women with... Read More