beauty from within

26 Sep 2023
--- EU and China have agreed to establish a working group that will “lower the administrative burden and far-reaching disclosure requirements” on EU cosmetic products sold in China. Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive VP... Read More
22 Sep 2023
--- The EU Commission (EC) has reacted to a joint letter sent last week, signed by various cosmetics and food supplier countries critiquing the EU regulation on deforestation-free products (EUDR) for establishing a... Read More
21 Sep 2023
--- The personal care association Cosmetics Europe has published a statement flagging various concerns on the new rules for treating urban wastewater, which require cosmetics and pharmaceutical producers to finance... Read More
19 Sep 2023
--- Consumer demand for natural ingredients and processing methods has made its way into the color cosmetics realm, with recent studies in MDPI and Agronomy showing a significant interest in the creation of naturally processed... Read More
13 Sep 2023
--- A bipartisan delegation led by a group of US congressmen has reintroduced the Humane Cosmetics Act to end safety testing of cosmetic products on animals and prohibit the sale of products developed using animal testing in the... Read More
12 Sep 2023
--- As we increasingly become aware of symbiotic relationships to living organisms on our bodies, it becomes as important to give the native bacteria on the skin a boost to maintain eubiosis – interspecies harmony. On this... Read More
01 Sep 2023
--- In this follow-up building on World Vision’s report exposing the prevalence of child labor in cosmetic raw material supply chains, Personal Care Insights speaks to several organizations on the accuracy of the report... Read More
17 Aug 2023
--- Specialty ingredients and chemicals distributor Univar Solutions México has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for DSM-Firmenich in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. The move will supply the... Read More
17 Aug 2023
--- Japan Bio Science Laboratories (JBSL) has created Biozyme, a highly effective postbiotic from an extract containing at least 40 fermented vegetables and herbs. It is rich in physiologically active substances produced by a... Read More
03 Aug 2023
--- Swiss ingredient manufacturer Mibelle Biochemistry has received European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) approval for an apple fruit cell culture biomass, PhytoCellTech Md Nu, a novel food ingredient which can be used... Read More
18 Jul 2023
--- In a “major first” for the cosmetics, perfume and nutraceuticals sectors, 120 participants from 26 different international organizations – from VSEs to suppliers, independent consultancies and an academic... Read More
17 Jul 2023
--- Eco-friendly, biodegradable and environmentally safe solutions go beyond consumer demand and are a global need in mitigating harms caused by petrochemical pollutants. Personal Care Insights speaks to International Flavors... Read More
13 Jul 2023
--- Ayurveda-rooted ingredients supplier Gencor has found that HairAGE improves hair growth for men and women. The oral supplement contains an extract of Ageratum conyzoides, also known as billygoat weed, which is a tropical... Read More
05 Jul 2023
--- Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies has achieved positive results from testing the novel oral interleukin-23 receptor (IL-23R) antagonist peptide JNJ-2113 in adult patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. The... Read More
29 Jun 2023
--- In line with its new anti-aging serum launch, PCA Skin had its parent company CP Skin Health Group (Colgate-Palmolive) link up with NASA onboard the International Space Station (ISS) to investigate the effect of microgravity... Read More
29 Jun 2023
--- The life science company, SkinBioTherapeutics, has received approval from Italian regulators to issue AxisBiotix-Ps, a food supplement to alleviate the symptoms associated with psoriasis, onto the nation’s market. The... Read More
28 Jun 2023
--- Global life science company Bioberica has committed to achieving total renewable electricity by next year, reducing GHG emissions by 30% by 2023 and reaching complete neutrality by 2050. Personal Care Insights speaks to the... Read More
27 Jun 2023
--- Global collagen supplier Gelita has committed to changing the narrative around beauty-from-within, away from vanity, to a more all-encompassing type of beauty for all ethnicities, cultures, genders and age groups.
27 Jun 2023
--- The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), US, has released research from its “Beauty Think Tank,” unveiling ways the industry should adapt to consumers’ and employees’ evolving preferences. The... Read More
19 Jun 2023
--- Nuritas has discovered two ingredients called PeptiYouth and PeptiStrong that can be integrated into everyday products, including serums and supplements, to fight the effects of aging on skin and muscles. The company names... Read More