men's care

20 Jun 2024
--- Galderma’s Cetaphil encourages men to embrace skin care with its latest digital campaign. #MadeForPhil features two videos on Cetaphil’s social channels, the “Ceta Six Pack” and the... Read More
04 Jun 2024
--- The ingestible beauty market continues to expand as consumers frequently seek out holistic solutions that offer multifunctional benefits in convenient formats. To meet the demand, Lycored has unveiled its latest delivery... Read More
27 May 2024
--- Older Japanese men are dipping into cosmetics and skin care as a reaction to increased concerns over their appearance to clients and customers in business practices. Reports reveal that Japanese men aged 40 and above are... Read More
17 May 2024
--- A group of TikTokers, including a skin care brand founder, is suing the US government over a new law that could ban the social media platform if its China-based parent company, ByteDance, does not sell its stakes within a... Read More
14 May 2024
--- Gender-neutral beauty is gaining traction, reshaping industry standards and driving innovation in fragrance and cosmetics. Personal Care Insights connects with Sensegen and Univar Solutions on biotech-based unisex fragrances... Read More
15 Apr 2024
--- Asia’s influence on the global beauty stage is apparent, with skin care and cosmetic trends driven by regional consumers. While familiar themes like personalized beauty are reflected globally, local heritage branding,... Read More
12 Apr 2024
--- BGG, a leading Chinese branded ingredient supplier, has revealed plans to create a new global headquarters in Switzerland as a launchpad for international expansion. Operating as BGG World, the company intends to diversify... Read More
11 Apr 2024
--- Summit Partners, the majority owner of Dr. Squatch, is reportedly considering the sale of its men’s grooming brand that it hopes will value the company at over US$2 billion. The private equity company is talking to... Read More
01 Apr 2024
--- March saw key regulatory bodies take action, with the EU offering more information about the upcoming PFAS ban, the US FDA backing benzene despite a health warning from an independent quality assurance provider and the US... Read More
18 Mar 2024
--- The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) plans to enhance the resilience of biomass supply chains for domestic bio-based manufacturing, which includes personal and home care products. The initiative seeks to bolster... Read More
18 Mar 2024
--- Cargill is pioneering wind-assisted propulsion (WAP) technology on ocean vessels to cut fossil fuels and support decarbonization efforts with renewable energy. The global food corporation recently completed a six-month test... Read More
13 Mar 2024
--- Cosmax Bio releases a dietary supplement containing “ultra-premium” gold caviar for skin improvement. The company highlights caviar as one of the “world’s top three delicacies,” alongside... Read More
12 Mar 2024
--- Poland intends to lower the VAT rates on beauty services to level the playing field for companies in the beauty industry that currently pay higher VAT rates than others. A spokesperson at Poland’s Ministry of Finance... Read More
27 Feb 2024
--- Amid financial turmoil, The Body Shop UK faces store closures, product excess and taxpayers possibly on the hook to foot the bill for laid off workers. The latest twist entails UK high street giant Next reportedly... Read More
22 Feb 2024
--- As the UK gears up for its general election, the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) is making waves with its first manifesto that urges the incoming government to craft a strategy for the cosmetics and... Read More
19 Feb 2024
--- With the rise of personalized beauty technology and Web3 opportunities, legal issues may pose a challenge for personal care companies. From privacy concerns to legal disputes, Duane Morris sheds light on threats and offers... Read More
14 Feb 2024
--- Giflor is unveiling a multicolor flip-top closure system for the cosmetic and personal care packaging market. The new “Ring” closure, which has a design patent and an innovation patent, contains a circular-shaped... Read More
12 Feb 2024
--- L’Oréal has reported a third consecutive year of double-digit growth and another year of market outperformance as the company achieved further improvement in its operating margin in 2023. The French personal... Read More
02 Feb 2024
--- This week in industry news, The Body Shop is reportedly selling sections of its Europe and Asia business and Old Spice launched a deodorant collection to allow men to feel social and not worry about their smell. Meanwhile,... Read More
17 Jan 2024
--- In the personal care industry, the assumed target demographic for products is generally considered to be women but men’s care is gaining prominence with stereotypes and norms challenged by younger generations and pop... Read More