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08 Nov 2022
--- Women are more likely than men to see diet as crucial to skin health, according to research from Lycored. It also highlights how men and women have different skincare requirements. The findings revealed that 39% of women,... Read More
20 Oct 2022
--- In a difficult cost and operating environment, net sales for the first quarter of the Procter & Gamble Company’s fiscal year 2023 were US$20.6 billion, up 1% from the previous year’s period. The report... Read More
18 Oct 2022
--- Governor of California Gavin Newsom has signed the PFAS-Free Beauty Act or Assembly Bill 2771, a law that bans intentionally added toxic perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) chemicals, also known as “forever... Read More
11 Oct 2022
--- Unilever is unveiling its Compass Organisation, a structure to propel growth across five of its business groups: Beauty & Well-being, Personal Care, Nutrition, Home Care and Ice Cream. Each of these handles the strategy,... Read More
10 Oct 2022
--- Subsidiary of Aster DM Healthcare group, Medcare, has acquired a 60% share in Skin111 Clinics to expand into the premium wellness and beauty care space in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
07 Oct 2022
--- The UK-based Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) is detailing its position on using “free from” claims, including similar claims for cosmetic and personal care products, in a published paper. The... Read More
07 Oct 2022
--- This week in personal care news, Perfect Corp. took a step forward in becoming a publicly-traded company. Givaudan announced the launch of its Silver Radiance program to improve the quality of living while aging and Symrise... Read More
06 Oct 2022
--- A generation of hyper-knowledgeable consumers is demanding more openness around supply chain ethics, carbon footprint and financial inclusivity in the growing cost of living and climate crises, reveals a report commissioned... Read More
03 Oct 2022
--- The US Senate has passed a five-year legislation that reauthorizes the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to federally-enforce animal testing alternatives, in what the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine champions... Read More
28 Sep 2022
--- The European Commission (EC) is expressing its desire to hear public views on dangerous chemicals to raise the standard of cosmetics safety. It has opened a consultation on a draft Delegated Regulation on the new hazardous... Read More
27 Sep 2022
--- The European Commission (EC) has ramped up its restrictions on cosmetic substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic (CMR), with additions and amendments to its existing regulations. Regulation 2022/1531,... Read More
23 Sep 2022
--- Montagne Jeunesse is highlighting the impacts of weather transitions on the skin and how these can be mitigated with its CBD Infused 7th Heaven 24-Hour Hydration Mask and 7th Heaven Sensitive 24-Hour Hydration Mask launch.... Read More
22 Sep 2022
--- Egyptian Company for Cosmetics (ECC) has acquired a majority stake in Egypt-based Source Beauty for US$5 million.
21 Sep 2022
--- A promising prospect for nanocosmetics has heightened concerns over health issues due to toxicity risks for researchers based in Pakistan, Mexico and Poland. They conduct a review over ten valuable nanoparticles and... Read More
20 Sep 2022
--- BASF scientists and its research partners are sharing significant discoveries that involve the identification of a decreasing skin-native bacteria due to age, and developing a cosmetic ingredient filling this gap with live... Read More
19 Sep 2022
--- A new draft by the European Commission (EC) lists 56 ingredients to be added to Regulation 1223/2009, summing-up more than 80 fragrances, individually required to be declared as allergens “if their concentration... Read More
15 Sep 2022
--- The beauty and personal care space is witnessing an increasing turn toward environmentally sustainable and planet-conscious ethics and NPD. This raises questions about what “eco-friendly” means, why the market... Read More
09 Sep 2022
--- This week in personal care news, Perfect Corp. partnered with Colgate to bring the results of using the Colgate Whitening Pen to life through augmented reality (AR). Nivea Men and Real Madrid football team continued their... Read More
06 Sep 2022
--- This year’s deadline for labeling products with a UK-established Responsible Person (RP) has been extended until 31 December 2025, reports The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA). The Office for Product... Read More
02 Sep 2022
--- This week in personal care news, Essity finalized the acquisitions of Knix and Modibodi. The Chinese general requirements for skin disinfectant will come into effect soon. Meanwhile, Brenntag closed its first promissory note... Read More