Transforming Asian beauty trends

Feb 2024

Over the past five years, the Asian beauty landscape has continuously transformed. Between October 2022 and September 2023, Lip Cosmetics took center stage, dominating the new product launches. Notably, long-lasting formulations claimed the top position with 71% of these launches. The market has also witnessed a rising trend in multifunctional makeup items and a surge in sustainable and clean beauty products. Formulas without animal ingredients, emphasizing plant-based alternatives and boasting free-from claims are growing fast. This signals a shift toward eco-conscious and ethical beauty choices in the Asian market.


Bewild Candy Lip Tint Oil: 02 Melon (Thailand)

  • This lip oil delivers an intense color that adheres closely to the lips. It nourishes and replenishes moisture in the lips. 
  • The benefits of natural oil extracts of jojoba oil and olive oil nourish the lips to be healthy with vitamin E. The concentrated hyaluron makes the lips plump, juicy, shiny, smooth, soft, chewy, pleasant to the touch, light, and comfortable, not heavy on the lips or sticky. 
  • It is long lasting up to 24 hours, all day.
  • The lip tint comes in a 2.5 g plastic tube with an applicator held in a carton tuck flap box.