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Circular beauty: How can personal care brands deliver a waste-free future?

 26 Apr 2023

In this PersonalCareInsights webinar, we revealed clean beauty innovations, discussed the impact of the latest industry regulations and shared how personal care brands can smartly contribute to the circular economy.

Watch this webinar as we presented exclusive global data from Innova Market Insights and spoke with experts from Givaudan, Arkive and the European Environmental Bureau.

15 Sep 2023 | CP Kelco

Consumers today expect their skin care products to have a cleaner label, with more “natural” and sustainably sourced ingredients. According to Innova Market Insights, 46% of global consumers always take sustainability into account when buying personal care products. Vegan claims also grew to 23% of launches... Read More

07 Sep 2023 | Lubrizol

As they adopt a holistic approach to boosting wellness, consumers seek products that not only contain science-backed, clinically substantiated ingredients with proven benefits but also those that offer sensory appeal to satisfy their more intangible, emotional side. The new paradigm delves into how consumers... Read More

03 Jul 2023 | Packaging Insights

As international leaders, civil society groups and environmental campaigners continue to negotiate legislative solutions to the global plastics pollution crisis, we look at Innova Market Insights’ Top Trends 2023, with “Plastics Circularization” ranking top. In this exclusive webinar, we debate the viability... Read More

22 Jun 2023 | Personal Care Insights

This Personal Care Insights webinar explores the connection between the microbiome, molecules sourced by precision fermentation and hybrid cosmetics. Experts from MyMicrobiome and Conagen present and engage in discussions tying health to makeup innovation. Watch along as we also bring exclusive global data... Read More