Beauty-from-within product innovations

Jun 2024

Consumers are paying more attention to the beauty-from-within aspect of personal care. Innova Market Insights data indicates a 21% average annual growth in the Hair, Skin & Nail supplement launches globally from Apr 2019 to Mar 2024. Various ingredients for skin benefits are growing, such as vitamin D2, phytosterols and wheatgrass.


Goovi Beauty Skin and Hair Dietary Supplement with Strawberry Flavor (Italy)

  • Beauty supplements developed to support the well-being of skin and hair, thanks to hyaluronic acid and vitamins, including vitamin C, biotin and selenium. 
  • It helps to maintain normal skin, contributes to the natural production of collagen for normal skin formation, protects cells against oxidative stress, and helps to maintain normal hair and nails.
  • Contains ergocalciferol (vitamin D 2). 
  • Comes in 60 strawberry-flavored gummies.