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25 Nov 2022
--- E-commerce solutions provider Global-e has warned British retailers to expect an underwhelming Black Friday today after its research found nearly half (48%) of UK consumers are shopping online from international retailers to... Read More
18 Nov 2022
--- This week in personal care news, L’Oréal announced a multi-brand partnership with Ready Player Me, a metaverse cross-game avatar platform and Clarins established T.R.U.S.T., a platform based on blockchain... Read More
11 Nov 2022
--- Supply chain transparency offers companies the chance to enhance their reputation and reliability while enabling consumers to detect improvement opportunities, like an unneeded middleman, win over stakeholders, ship... Read More
10 Nov 2022
--- Shiseido is creating a lip care method using findings from its lip stratum corneum examination. The company discovered – in addition to the dermatological and skincare viewpoints – a care approach from the... Read More
09 Nov 2022
--- Coty has released its financial results for the first quarter (Q1) of the fiscal year 2023, which ended on September 30, 2022. The company continued to make solid financial progress, with Coty’s Prestige business... Read More
09 Nov 2022
--- Kao is introducing Skin Potential Analysis, a service powered by skin surface lipids-ribonucleic acid (SSL-RNA) monitoring technology, that allows customers to learn about their skin’s condition paired with an... Read More
09 Nov 2022
--- Kicks, a Nordic cosmetics company, is now offering its customers a personalized beauty service by launching a makeup advisor and virtual try-on experience, powered by Revieve, to help customers try on makeup products online... Read More
08 Nov 2022
--- The Canadian government has released a Notice of Intent, proposing amendments to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 which would legally require cosmetic companies to label certain substances in cosmetic... Read More
07 Nov 2022
--- In a recent event hosted by Amyris, the company reveals crucial issues that matter to Gen Z and how these emerging voices are changing corporate and political agendas. They are demanding actions that limit global warming up... Read More
04 Nov 2022
--- This week in personal care news, L’Oréal placed fifth in the Universum global list of companies students preferred for future employers. Additionally, The Estée Lauder Companies made Disability:IN’s... Read More
03 Nov 2022
--- Digital technology is spreading its network to the beauty and cosmetics industry in more ways than just e-commerce. PersonalCareInsights speaks to Perfect Corp., Revieve and SharpEnd to log into the expanding beauty... Read More
14 Oct 2022
--- Estee Lauder Companies illustrated a dedication to ameliorating global issues – such as racial and gender equality – at the 77th Annual United Nations General Assembly. Maybelline New York launched the Brave Talk... Read More
11 Oct 2022
--- The use of LED face masks has been found to improve a user’s overall skin glow and facial flushing by researchers at Namseoul National University, South Korea. They were driven by a need for in-depth standardized... Read More
10 Oct 2022
--- Coralai, built in partnership between Corpus Group, Revieve and Clientela, is launching as the “first multi-brand digital skincare retailer.” The platform utilizes Skin Coach, Revieve’s latest development... Read More
07 Oct 2022
--- This week in personal care news, Perfect Corp. took a step forward in becoming a publicly-traded company. Givaudan announced the launch of its Silver Radiance program to improve the quality of living while aging and Symrise... Read More
06 Oct 2022
--- A generation of hyper-knowledgeable consumers is demanding more openness around supply chain ethics, carbon footprint and financial inclusivity in the growing cost of living and climate crises, reveals a report commissioned... Read More
30 Sep 2022
--- As the clean beauty market proliferates, PersonalCareInsights speaks with industry experts from BASF, Clariant, Evolva and Givaudan, who give insight into the use of biotechnology and green chemistry, including details... Read More
22 Sep 2022
--- Revieve is releasing its Complete Metaverse Playbook for Beauty Brands and Retailers to take full advantage of new prospects in these virtual spaces. The report outlines the future of the metaverse and discusses how personal... Read More
22 Sep 2022
--- Coty is disclosing its strategy for doubling its skincare sales by the fiscal year 2025 (FY25). The company aims to do so by advancing its skincare technologies, investing and expanding its prestige brands, Kylie Skin, Skkn... Read More
21 Sep 2022
--- For businesses and organizations, Shiseido is developing an interactive website and the See, Say, Do. Program to counter unintended perceptions and biases that restrict individual beauty. Additionally, the company is aiming... Read More