hand & nail care

24 Jun 2022
--- A study by Thailand-based researchers at Mahidol University found that for effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication, beauty and personal care companies should communicate by enhancing clear and committed... Read More
06 Jun 2022
--- As ethical concerns on animal testing gain awareness, the New York Senate and Assembly have passed the bill “prohibiting the sale of cosmetics tested on animals.”
06 May 2022
--- Despite facing unpredictable supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, cosmetic company Revlon Inc, says it has advanced across its business segments Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Portfolio and Fragrances, according to... Read More
03 May 2022
--- Biobased synthetic compounds producer Biosynthetic Technologies has introduced BioEstolide 250-100, a non-GMO castor derived, environmentally friendly and vegan emollient, especially for personal care and cosmetics... Read More
15 Apr 2022
--- This week in personal care news, LastObject released LastRound Pro, a black version of their reusable cotton rounds. Univar Solutions’ Beauty Personal Care division named Tony Jaillot as its vice president. Meanwhile,... Read More
08 Apr 2022
--- Beauty and personal care chemical solutions provider Dow has launched various ingredients and products derived from sustainable sourcing using upcycled and natural materials. The company unveiled these new ingredients within... Read More
15 Mar 2022
--- Unilever brand Vaseline reports increasing popularity for skin healing and protection claims with the viral TikTok trend slugging. The trend involves applying a thin layer of Vaseline as the last step of a skincare routine... Read More
04 Mar 2022
--- Microbiome specialist Sequential Skin debuts Sequential Bio, a microbiome testing provider for beauty and personal care companies seeking product certification. The testing is available for products targeting skincare,... Read More
03 Mar 2022
--- Plant-based emollient specialist AAK Personal Care is burgeoning its partnership with Integrity Ingredients for a US-wide distribution of its personal care product line. The partnership kicks off on April 1.
22 Feb 2022
--- LanzaTech’s fermentation scale-up and life-cycle analysis (LCA) is carbon negative as it removes 1.17 kg to 1.79 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere per kg of generated acetone or isopropanol. In contrast, conventional... Read More
16 Feb 2022
--- Beauty tech company Perfect Corp is offering consumers accurate and realistic virtual try-on experiences with its AgileHand and AgileFace technology. The innovation has the potential to save users and brands time and money,... Read More
09 Feb 2022
--- Coty’s nail and beauty brand Sally Hansen is giving consumers the option to try on products from the comfort of their home thanks to a virtual try-on tool supported by AgileHand technology. The AI-powered hand-tracking... Read More
08 Feb 2022
--- This World Cancer Day, Shiseido Company released Appearance Care: For your confidence and comfort, a care booklet for cancer patients. It consists of beauty and skincare tips and was created with medical institutions and the... Read More
03 Feb 2022
--- Underlining Beauty LLC, a makeup and skincare brand, has closed a US$6 million seed investment round with Nordic Eye Venture Capital, an investment firm, to broaden its direct-to-consumer business.
26 Jan 2022
--- Darling Ingredients’ health brand Rousselot is opening a new production line for porcine collagen with a manufacturing plant in Belgium. The facility specializes in manufacturing Peptan P, a bioactive protein used in... Read More
12 Jan 2022
--- Low pH, higher temperature of hands and increased amount of lactic acid (found in sweat) resulted in more substantial skin barrier against Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria, finds The Personal Health Care Product Research... Read More
10 Jan 2022
--- Danish biotech company Biosyntia is partnering with Wacker Chemie, a German polymer supplier, to develop a large-scale production process for fermentation-based biotin based on Biosyntia’s microbial technology.
06 Jan 2022
--- OPI is teaming up with Xbox to launch a vibrant collection of 12 hues, available in four different formulas with colors ranging from fresh blues and greens to shimmering shades.According to the nail lacquer specialists, this... Read More
15 Dec 2021
--- A study conducted by Rutgers has found that some personal care products contain ingredients that impact maternal hormone levels. This has implications for fetal health and future child development. The research discovered... Read More
02 Dec 2021
--- Quadpack, a packaging solutions provider for beauty brands, has unveiled the rising trends that will impact the beauty industry in 2022. The analysis of consumer demand revealed Gen Z will lead a “transformation”... Read More