22 Jun 2022
--- SpikeOn, an India-based digital and technology services provider, is partnering with gender-neutral cosmetics company Equal to deliver end-to-end digital brand-building services and aid Equal in expanding its footprint... Read More
21 Jun 2022
--- A survey by the American Society for Dermatological Surgery (ASDS) affirm that dermatologists and online platforms continue to play the most significant role in consumer decisions toward cosmetic treatments, skincare... Read More
20 Jun 2022
--- According to a study by the Islamic University of Indonesia, consumers are gaining awareness of green cosmetics due to the current energy crisis and growing environmental issues such as global warming.
10 Jun 2022
--- Ever/Body has raised US$55.5 million in a series C funding, bringing the company’s capital to over US$100 million since its 2019 launch. The funding will be used for national expansion in the US and advancing... Read More
01 Jun 2022
--- A study on the “cosmetic ingredient,” Actinidia arguta (kiwi berry) hydroalcoholic leaves extract, was for the “first time” tested for its anti-aging skin effects and safety in-vitro and ex-vivo... Read More
25 May 2022
--- Bio and cell-based tech company ExoCel Bio is “revolutionizing” regenerative aesthetics with its all-natural Exovex serum. The serum contains purified exosomes designed to accelerate recovery time and reduce... Read More
24 May 2022
--- Swiss-based dermatological care specialist Galderma is demystifying beliefs about acne while showcasing its Dermotivin Benzac line as practical solutions to the skin condition. Beliefs such as “acne only affects... Read More
24 May 2022
--- Swiss beauty-tech brand Réduit has launched Réduit Boost, a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) powered smart technology to US markets. The personalization device identifies active ingredients... Read More
18 May 2022
--- Cosmetics giant Shiseido is zooming in on epidermal cells, finding that magnesium ion (Mg2+) promotes the production of hyaluronic acid, which maintains skin moisture. Simultaneously, it was uncovered that Mg2+ induces... Read More
17 May 2022
--- Leader of the K-Beauty industry, Cosmax, has discovered a new microorganism, KERA-3, “considered a family-level discovery.” The company expects the discovery to impact cosmetics and academic biology.
17 May 2022
--- Beauty tech advancer Shiseido Company has created Shape-Shifting HA Technology which controls the volume of hyaluronic acid (HA) for deeper penetration into the stratum corneum (outer layer of epidermis) after application.
04 May 2022
--- Keys Soulcare, the company of US singer-songwriter, producer and actress Alicia Keys, unveiled its new offering of products that nourish the skin with light washes of buildable color. Keys, who didn’t use makeup for... Read More
27 Apr 2022
--- Mibelle Biochemistry is unveiling EpiCalsome, a supramolecular calcium suitable for aging skin and the “renewal” of skin’s calcium gradient loss. “EpiCalsome is a new calcium delivery system that... Read More
15 Apr 2022
--- This week in personal care news, LastObject released LastRound Pro, a black version of their reusable cotton rounds. Univar Solutions’ Beauty Personal Care division named Tony Jaillot as its vice president. Meanwhile,... Read More
13 Apr 2022
--- Muscle and body ache relief provider Therabody has launched TheraFace PRO, a portable device for facial health. At the intersection of health, tech and beauty, TheraFace PRO is designed to reduce tension by relaxing facial... Read More
08 Apr 2022
--- Beauty and personal care chemical solutions provider Dow has launched various ingredients and products derived from sustainable sourcing using upcycled and natural materials. The company unveiled these new ingredients within... Read More
06 Apr 2022
--- Demand for natural ingredients is expanding seaweed’s applicability in cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and nutricosmetics to improve the skin’s appearance and treat dermatologic disorders. Seaweed extracts help... Read More
30 Mar 2022
--- Active ingredient expert Givaudan Active Beauty has launched Cristalhyal e-perfection, an ingredient designed by white biotechnology to charge hyaluronic acid (HA) molecules with electrostaticity for further epidermal... Read More
30 Mar 2022
--- Actives and functionals expert Roelmi Health & Personal Care (Roelmi HPC) has debuted Ener-GY plus, “a cell energizer active ingredient designed to optimize mitochondrial activation” for improving skin... Read More
28 Mar 2022
--- Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health will showcase research that emphasizes developments in understanding and treating skin at the 2022 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) meeting, held in Boston, the US, between March 25... Read More