aging well

29 Jun 2022
--- BASF’s Care Creations is releasing Probiolift and Postbiolift, two biotic ingredients for healthy skin aging. The ingredients are based on Lactobacillus crispatus (L. crispatus) – an anaerobic bacterium found in... Read More
28 Jun 2022
--- Eriodictyol supplementation may effectively improve skin viability, encourage skin elasticity and boost skin resilience, according to a study conducted in Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and Universiti Teknologi MARA,... Read More
28 Jun 2022
--- Royal DSM has begun cosmetics customer sampling for its fully bio-based vitamin A, an initial step before the commercial-scale production and full launch in 2023. The initial output is intended for the personal care market... Read More
24 Jun 2022
--- A study by Thailand-based researchers at Mahidol University found that for effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication, beauty and personal care companies should communicate by enhancing clear and committed... Read More
22 Jun 2022
--- Nanophase Technologies, the parent company of Solésence, has received a patent in Korea for Kleair, a new generation of high-transparency zinc oxide mineral sunscreen with “enhanced” ultra-violet (UV)... Read More
21 Jun 2022
--- Sao Paulo-based dermatologist reveals that the main contributors to dark circles are stress, aging and frequent unprotected sun exposure. Contrary to popular belief, not enough sleep is not the only cause of dark circles... Read More
17 Jun 2022
--- This week in personal care news, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised countries to alter their strategy frameworks to fulfill the critical unmet requirements in skin diseases. Singer, songwriter and actress Sabrina... Read More
17 Jun 2022
--- Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (scFOS) from sugar beet (DP 3–5) balance the skin microbiota by inhibiting the growth of potential pathogens and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, finds France and... Read More
13 Jun 2022
--- L’Oréal is exploring the internet-driven beauty of web3 with the emerging metaverse to reach a new generation of customers across its haircare, active cosmetics and mass consumer portfolio. It has been noted to... Read More
07 Jun 2022
--- Australia-based Jericho Skincare is spotlighting its Anti-Aging Beauty Bundle Dead Sea skincare product range that features mineral, salt and black mud ingredients for healthy skin aging. According to the company, the... Read More
02 Jun 2022
--- Hollywood A-lister and one of the most influential women in US media entertainment, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman are entering the beauty and personal care market alongside business partnerships with multi-national beauty... Read More
01 Jun 2022
--- A study on the “cosmetic ingredient,” Actinidia arguta (kiwi berry) hydroalcoholic leaves extract, was for the “first time” tested for its anti-aging skin effects and safety in-vitro and ex-vivo... Read More
27 May 2022
--- This week in personal care news, Dermala extended its product range to include a second microbiome-powered line of topical and oral products for eczema-prone skin. US-based personal care company Muse Health partnered with... Read More
26 May 2022
--- Experts in Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and sunscreen brands Supergoop! and global investment firm Blackstone Growth have partnered with “world-class” investors to advocate and advance the international use of SPF... Read More
25 May 2022
--- Bio and cell-based tech company ExoCel Bio is “revolutionizing” regenerative aesthetics with its all-natural Exovex serum. The serum contains purified exosomes designed to accelerate recovery time and reduce... Read More
23 May 2022
--- With the rising use of digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), beauty tech brand i-On is showcasing i-On Age Disrupting Skin Emulsion and Perfect Corp.’s Skin Diagnostic Tool.... Read More
23 May 2022
--- Dewy Lab, “China’s first clean beauty brand,” has completed three rounds of funding in one year since its launch, lauded as a testament to the rise and growth of clean beauty in China.
13 May 2022
--- Vegan dermatologist beauty brand Derma E has unveiled Advanced Peptides & Flora-Collagen Night Moisturizer, and Advanced Peptides & Flora-Collagen Gentle Jelly Cleanser. The products are part of the brand’s... Read More
13 May 2022
--- A safety review into 12 Rosa canina-derived ingredients concludes they are safe in current uses when formulated to be non-irritating and non-sensitizing.
12 May 2022
--- Jennifer Lopez JLo Beauty and The Beauty Health Company partnership, are introducing the Hydrafacial x JLo Beauty Booster, targeting healthy-looking, glowing and supple skin – something the singer songwriter is well... Read More