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We elevate everyday experiences for the whole family

Bycreating inspiring fragrance, flavor, natural nutrition and cosmetic ingredients solutions.

You may be surprised to learn that people interact with our products on average 20-30 times per day. From the minty freshness in your toothpaste, to the spark of special scent that makes your favorite perfume irresistible. Whether it’s in the food you eat, the beverages you drink, or the treats you give to your pet (and a whole lot more) – our ingredients and solutions enrich consumers’ lives with delightful facets valued the world over.

With our broad expertise, we have expanded our business into a number of complementary adjacent markets where we are able to add unique value. For instance, we offer taste balancing solutions for reduced-sugar concepts as well as responsibly sourced and natural options that consumers are increasingly demanding. We apply this approach to multi-functional solutions across our entire diverse business.

Articles On Personal Care Insights
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Beyond The Headlines: Nu Skin talks sustainability, CeraVe promotes sun safety

17 May 2024 --- This week in industry news, Nu Skin released its Social Impact and Sustainability Report and CeraVe said it would expand its Sun Safety Day initiative. Meanwhile, Procter &... Read More

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Nissha employs bio-based Sulapac material for cosmetics jar packaging

16 May 2024 --- Nissha launches a jar for water-based cosmetics made from Sulapac material, designed to minimize packaging’s environmental footprint. The 50 ml jar is made of biobased... Read More

Smiling woman applied sun block stick on face


Attitude adds algae and marine-friendly glycogen alternative to mineral-based sun care

16 May 2024 --- Attitude introduces its latest addition to the Oceanly Skincare collection: Phyto-Sun, bringing eight SPF products with mineral-based sun protection. Each product is formulated... Read More

Woman applied face mask with plants on table


Sensia AI sources top ethical masks for summer amid strong consumer and CSR demand

15 May 2024 --- Sensia’s new report on ethical face masks for this summer examines in-depth consumer demands for environmentally friendly skin care products and the incorporation of ethical... Read More

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L’Oréal uses EcoDesignCloud to reduce beauty retail waste

15 May 2024 --- L’Oréal seeks to support its sustainability ambitions with a new digital solution.  EcoDesignCloud, by Eviden, is touted as a way to measure the environmental... Read More


In-cosmetics Global 2024: Syensqo presents carbon capture and bio-alternatives for silicone and sulfate-free formulas

14 May 2024 --- Join Eric Leroy, global marketing director of Beauty Care at Syensqo, as he delves into the integration of science, sustainability and purpose in beauty care solutions. He reveals innovations like Naternal Care Clear SGI and Mirataine CBS UP, talking about silicone replacement and sulfate-free surfactant formulations.


In-cosmetics Global 2024: Sun Chemical reveals new natural pigments with skin care benefits

06 May 2024 --- Join Kristina Brueggemann, marketing for EU cosmetics, pigments and ingredients at Sun Chemical, as she delves into the innovative features of Intenza Hana effect pigments. She also talks about Sun Chemical’s sustainability efforts in its natural product line and the skin care advantages of Sacranex formulations.


In-cosmetics Global live: Uute Scientific connects urban dwellers to biodiversity with “forest bath in bottle”

02 May 2024 --- Join Oliver Boldt, chief sales officer and co-founder of Uute Scientific, as he delves into Re-Connecting Nature. The ingredient is presented for skin health and bringing urban individuals closer to natural biodiversity. One gram of the ingredient reportedly holds 700 beneficial bacterial species from side streams for boosting skin barrier and microbiome balance.


In-cosmetics Global live: Givaudan “reimagines iconic industry molecules”

25 Apr 2024 --- Personal Care Insights visits Givaudan Active Beauty’s head of Active Ingredients, Mathias Fleury, on the trade show floor of In-cosmetics Global to learn how the company is “reimagining iconic industry molecules” with an eye to sustainability. Fleury also expands on his team’s latest launches and their impact on the beauty industry. Neuroglow is said to replicate sun effects for a healthy glow, PrimalHyal 50 Life boasts sustainability with reduced environmental impact, Illuminyl 388 targets diverse skin types with pigmentation solutions and Silk-iCare is a vegan silk protein for skin repair and protection.


In-cosmetics Global live: Eurofins addresses PFAS regulations and unveils sustainable hair care innovations

23 Apr 2024 --- Sarah Bachir-Levy, international marketing manager for Cosmetics and Personal Care at Eurofins explains how the company uses its global solid footprint to implement testing that supports clients in locating PFAS in product formulations and water. Bachir-Levy also talks to Personal Care Insights about growing trends in hair care and the company’s sustainable hair care innovations for greener products.  

Technical Papers

Revolutionizing natural fragrances through biotechnology

18 Sep 2023 --- Creating with biotech materials solves a myriad of challenges inherent in commercializing natural fragrances and combats the negative effects of over-dependence on synthetic ingredients.Sensegen has The Way Forward™.Download our Perspective Paper to discover more about the future of fragrance.This Technical Paper is from Sensegen.


Multifunctional ingredients for a minimalist deodorant: CITROFOL® AI and Zinc Lactate

06 Sep 2022 --- Deodorants are a key part of people’s daily hygiene routine. While the routine itself is second nature, the ingredients of deodorants are widely discussed. Natural and sustainable ingredients are in demand, and minimalist formulations are preferred. Ingredients with multifunctional properties and high efficacy like Jungbunzlauer’s zinc lactate and CITROFOL® AI support formulator’s work.This Technical Paper is from Jungbunzlauer. 


What’s trending in cosmetics? A deep dive into the booming beauty industry

08 May 2024 --- The cosmetics industry is ever-evolving amid changes in regulation and consumer preferences. Key trends continue to impact the beauty sector, including sustainability and biotech innovations, health and well-being, plus ingredient innovations to ensure optimal product performance.Current market research suggests the sector is poised to cross US$100 billion in revenue within three years. Regulators are keen to update the playbook for industry players amid scores of companies crusading to capture consumers in this massive market.In this webinar, industry experts will debate current market trends, obstacles and solutions to help companies excel in this dynamic space. Join us to learn more about how you and your company can navigate, adapt and succeed in the personal care and beauty industry.


The Cargill Beauty Sustainable Ingredient Score

14 Nov 2023 --- Sustainability is at the forefront of the cosmetics consumer mindset, with 90% of EU shoppers considering sustainability when buying beauty & wellness products. In fact, even in a time when money is tight for many, 15% of beauty consumers in the US and Europe consider sustainability information more important than price, efficacy or product description.The Cargill Beauty Sustainable Ingredient Score is a scoring system for our personal care ingredients, resulting in a final score, which indicates how sustainable an ingredient is.This third-party verified scoring system is based around criteria that are in line with the UN’s SDGs. It brings clarity to personal care manufacturers on the sustainability credentials of our ingredients by assessing their sourcing, transformation, and environmental impact.


How to Choose the Best Ingredient for Your Sustainable Skin Care Formulation

15 Sep 2023 --- Consumers today expect their skin care products to have a cleaner label, with more “natural” and sustainably sourced ingredients. According to Innova Market Insights, 46% of global consumers always take sustainability into account when buying personal care products. Vegan claims also grew to 23% of launches in 2022. However, consumers also expect their skin care products to offer high performance and an innovative, sensory experience. In this webinar, experts from CP Kelco and Innova Market Insights discuss how to reformulate serums, lotions and creams to meet new consumer demands.


Top Packaging Trends 2023: How can industry achieve the circular economy?

03 Jul 2023 --- As international leaders, civil society groups and environmental campaigners continue to negotiate legislative solutions to the global plastics pollution crisis, we look at Innova Market Insights’ Top Trends 2023, with “Plastics Circularization” ranking top. In this exclusive webinar, we debate the viability of turning our linear economy into a loop, whether this is even possible, and how start-up and mainstream packaging innovators are rising to the challenge. We discuss how circularity efforts are impacting greenwashing litigation, boosting renewable material sourcing, and how connected technologies and reusable designs are aiding the industry’s transition toward a more sustainable future.


Circular beauty: How can personal care brands deliver a waste-free future?

26 Apr 2023 --- In this PersonalCareInsights webinar, we revealed clean beauty innovations, discussed the impact of the latest industry regulations and shared how personal care brands can smartly contribute to the circular economy.Watch this webinar as we presented exclusive global data from Innova Market Insights and spoke with experts from Givaudan, Arkive and the European Environmental Bureau.