personal care packaging

10 Mar 2023
--- Growing consumer awareness combined with policy crackdown on climate change has prompted personal care packaging to evolve beyond traditional materials. However, hygiene and product safety pose a challenge to new solutions.... Read More
23 Jan 2023
--- Samsung and Patagonia have unveiled the Less Microfiber Cycle and Filter as the latest tech developments for washing machines. The two companies have been working to address the challenge of microplastic shedding during the... Read More
20 Jan 2023
--- Next week, at the Paris Packaging Week, Mark Roberts, circular value chain director, and Jonathan Pitt, global product management leader at Berry’s Consumer Packaging international division, will explain the technology... Read More
06 Jan 2023
--- Automated packaging solutions provider Shemesh Automation is introducing the TKS-C60 for cosmetics manufacturing. The new line is built to handle the entire production process – feeding, filling, sealing, capping,... Read More
21 Nov 2022
--- Ball Corporation’s latest consumer survey displays a growing demand for environmentally sustainable household and personal care product packaging options, with 45% of consumers citing it as an “extremely... Read More
17 Nov 2022
--- According to the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), a “misinformation campaign on valuable chemistry used in detergent products” is spreading through a petition led by Blueland and Plastic Pollution Coalition.The... Read More
14 Oct 2022
--- KraveBeauty’s latest campaign, Waste Me Not, is bringing awareness to what the company calls, the hidden waste of the beauty industry that goes beyond packaging. KraveBeauty is also “peeling back the... Read More