ADM highlights how probiotics improve skin health holistically

 12 Oct 2021

Two megatrends within skincare, probiotics and ingestible beauty are meeting in ADM’s latest research which found improvements for skin-related issues, such as psoriasis, from consuming targeted probiotics. ADM’s vice president of science and technology, health and wellness, Marta Tortajada Serra speaks to PersonalCareInsights about the holistic appeal of the skin-gut axis, innovative NPD potential and how consumers are responding to these growing trends.

19 Nov 2021 | Lubrizol Life Science

Bianca McCarthy, global marketing manager of Lipotec Active Ingredients at Lubrizol Life Science, details how the Oxylance botanical ingredient derived from the Ligustrum lucidum plant’s seeds is harvested and dried in a traditional method. McCarthy gives insight into how the Phenobio subcritical water... Read More

12 Nov 2021 | Olon

Olon is investing €65 million (US$75 million) toward biotechnology as it eyes applications ranging from pharma, food ingredients, flavor, fragrance and personal care. Andrea Conforto also discusses the company’s expertise in microbial fermentation technology and the trends shaping the industry.

09 Nov 2021 | Arbor Life Labs

Peter Feldman, CEO of Arbor Life Labs, speaks to PersonalCareInsights on how the Replenology hair system uses a patent-pending formulation of botanicals, vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth and follicle regeneration. Feldman adds that the Replenology hair system targets 21 molecular pathways to... Read More

22 Oct 2021 | Renovatio Bioscience

Phenolics are touted as “holy grail” antioxidants, for their potential in reducing cellular inflammations and encouraging skin regeneration. Vincent Candrawinata, founder of Renovatio Bioscience explains how they require only water to be activated and gives insight into ingredients that filter the harmful... Read More

16 Aug 2021 | Mibelle Group Biochemistry

Fred Zülli, founder and business development director of Mibelle Group Biochemistry, speaks to PersonalCareInsights about the company’s latest developments in biotechnology and the clean beauty space. Zülli gives more insight into how PhytoTech is a new technology to retrieve “sustainable biomass from... Read More